LPMI Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bogor

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Vision and Mission of LPMI STP BOGOR

LPMI STP Bogor has a vision as a developing institution to support excellence and pioneering quality in the tourism field.

1. Encourage HR in the STP Bogor environment to always have awareness and responsibility to plan, develop, and implement the quality of inputs, processes and products and evaluate the overall quality assurance.
2. Improve the competence, responsibility, and commitment of all staff of the Quality Assurance Unit in all STP Bogor organizational units to motivate, create, develop and maintain an academic and non-academic quality assurance system within the STP Bogor environment.

1. To help achieve the STP Bogor vision and mission through the quality assurance of the Tri Dharma College program.
2. Establish the role of faculties, institutions, bureaus, departments, study programs, and all basic units in quality assurance.
3. Facilitating and coordinating continuous improvement and quality improvement (contius quality improvement).
4. Ensure consistency and effectiveness of education quality assurance through quality control mechanisms.

1. Motivate quality assurance activities at the Study Program / Institution level.
2. Organize the implementation of Institutional self-evaluation (high school) through continuous updating of the institution’s database.
3. Coordinate and or motivate the implementation of the Institute / Study Program self-evaluation on an ongoing basis.
4. Developing, updating, detailing and using institutional quality standards in assessing the performance, circumstances and instruments of educational institutions.
5. Performing benchmarking of institutions against other institutions, both at home and abroad, which have high quality.
6. Use the results of self-evaluation at all institutional levels for the purpose of institutional quality assurance.
7. Prepare external evaluations, including accreditation of institutions and study programs.
8. Establish partnerships between institutions in the development and improvement of institutional quality.
9. Organize information about the entire institution to be communicated to the public.
10. Together with the Assistant Chairperson of the Academic Affairs, develop a research program to improve the quality of institutions and programs in Colleges.
11. Motivate the implementation of staff development at the Study Program / Institution level.
12. Motivate the implementation of resource development at the Institutional level.

1.Developing the STP Bogor quality assurance system and its implementation model.
2. Build and or increase the commitment of STP Bogor leaders and all work units to carry out quality assurance for each activity they carry out in accordance with the STP Bogor quality assurance system and its implementation model.
3. Establish STP Bogor advice or quality standards and work units within the Bogor STP for each quality period.
4. Designing an organization and working mechanism for STP Bogor quality assurance and implementing it consistently.
5. Identify activity units for each quality item at each stage in the STP Bogor business process, as well as establish activities whose quality is guaranteed.

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